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Kurt Faustin

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Kurt Faustin & The Dropout Academy gets highlighted for their work at Roxbury Community College. Their recent program graduated 24 out of 27 students as they look to educate them on mental health and emotional intelligence.

A little bit more about The Dropout Academy

The Dropout Academy is an in person or self-paced online learning platform that focuses on mindset, goal setting, relationships and daily habits that will transform your life.

Kurt Faustin

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Community College grant program shows early success 
Programs to retain students are desperately needed, given Massachusetts' dismal rate of community college completion - particularly among minority students..

Kurt Faustin

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A three-year-old organization, the Dropout Academy, is partnering with Roxbury Community College (RCC) in an effort aimed at helping students of color “drop out” of circumstances where “limiting thoughts” get in the way of a fulfilling college experience.

Founded by its CEO, Kurt Faustin, the academy focuses on mental health issues and the educational aspects of emotional intelligence. Last fall, he brought his organization to the college level by joining with RCC to set up a six-week mental health development workshop that would concentrate on increasing student retention rates.

Faustin and Robin Shahid-Bellot, the community college’s dean of students, created the workshop after Faustin reached out last spring. Together, Bellot says, they wanted to come up with another campus resource that “meets students where they are.”